Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage


75 minutes or more recommended

  • Helps ease pain from weekly changes your body endures.
  • Decreases the stress during this life changing eventHelps maintain a healthy pregnancy.
  • Body positioning on the table is mostly side-lying or seated. Belly massage only done upon request. Mother will be fully draped at all times to ensure privacy and comfort.
  • Please check with your doctor if you have a high risk pregnancy.


Postpartum Massage


75 minutes or more recommended

Families are encouraged to bring their infants in up until they are able to crawl or five months of age. Receiving a massage while snuggling with baby is a wonderful bonding experience. Massage soothes mommy and baby, keeping them calm, thereby reducing chance of fussiness during session. Positioning on the massage table varies from side-lying, either face up or face down, or sitting, all depending on the comfort and needs of the client.
Benefits of postpartum massage:

  • Increases the bond between parent and baby
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Decreases pain from new demands placed on body:
  • Nursing, bending, lifting, and carrying baby
  • Helps ease pain while mother's body recovers
  • Aids the process of eliminating
    - hormones released during labor
    - medications possibly given during birth
    - hormones released post labor
  • Accelerates physical healing
  • Supports emotional healing and decreases depression commonly known as "baby blues"


Infant Massage Class (Pre-Natal to Crawling age)


Infant massage helps babies become calmer, smarter, sweeter individuals. Massaging your baby is a fun and exciting way to build a stronger connection, giving him or her a great new start to life. Infant Massage is a wonderful way for fathers and partners to become more involved. Parents, grandparents, and caregivers are all welcome to take this fun and enlightening class. Melissa will demonstrate with a doll; other dolls are available to practice with if baby needs a break.
Pre-Registration is required. Space is limited.

  • Session Fees cover 2 Adults and 1 Infant
  • 4 consecutive sessions
  • Approximately 1 hour sessions


  • In the comfort of your own home
  • Dynamics Hair and Massage Studio - 219 E Street Suite B, 95616 Davis, Ca.

If you miss a session, you may make it up within the following three months, or arrange an in home visit for an extra fee.


Class fees include enrollment for two adults and one infant, additional charge for extra family members. Pay as you go and buy each session individually or purchase the entire package upfront and save 10%.

If you would like to learn in the comfort of your own home, Melissa will also travel. Host several families in your home with an additional charge per family. Call (916) 402-7380 to set up your personalized in-home sessions!

Melissa recommends completing the series by the time your infant is no more than 5 months of age. Since this is an ongoing class, check here for upcoming dates.


  • Session 1 - Why, when, where, and how to massage baby; leg strokes
  • Session 2 - Tips for getting baby to sleep; belly and face strokes, colic routine
  • Session 3 - Tips for increasing baby IQ; chest and arm strokes
  • Session 4 - Tips for continuing massage into toddler age; back strokes
  • FREE baby massage oil is included with all sessions
  • Package of 4 sessions (in-studio or in-home) Package BONUS - "Baby's First Touch" Step-by-Step Instructions for Infant massage, by Diana Moore, MS, LMT, CIMI® booklet included with all packages.
  • Individual sessions (in-studio or in-home)   ** Includes reference materials **

Current Dates / Times:

In-Home: Call 916.402.7380 to schedule

Dynamics Hair and Massage Studio

To Customize your schedule - Please call 916.402.7380

Class Fees:

  • Session fees cover two adults and one infant.
  • Packages
  • Add to a 75 min. or > massage for parent
    $30 per session + massage fee
        ** I have a portable table I would bring to your home, or your family may come to Dynamics **
  • 4 in-home sessions  $300   ($75 / session, savings of $20)
  • Hosting additional families  $180 per family
  • 4 session at Dynamics  $180  ($ 45 / session, savings of $20)
    • Individual Sessions
  • In-home  $80 / session
  • At Dynamics  $50 / session
  • Add to a 75 min. or longer massage for parent  ($30 / session + massage fee)
    • Additional $10 charge per extra family member in Package and Individual Sessions


Infant Massage Course

Enroll for Melissa's Infant Massage Course, Click Here.
Melissa is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor CIMI® through the International Loving Touch Foundation, a nationally accredited program.

Hours: Sunday - Thursday. Days / Times may vary.
Call / Text to make special arrangements.
219 E Street, Suite B. Davis, CA 95616
Telephone: 916.402.7380 |

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